The Workshop

L’atelier Métissage is the harmonious marriage of traditional African fabrics with cotton, silk, organza, leather, velvet, satin and the biculturality of its creator. The workshop offers a set of designs to dress your home with warm colors and elegant materials.

The African fabrics come from West Africa where they are made by craftsmen in the traditional way following the ancestral methods dating back to the 12th century. Fabrics are selected directly on-site with the craftsmen and are combined with modern European fabrics to become unique hand-made pieces. The collection is renewed regularly.


Africa has some ideas. Along a visit to her workshop, Rocheline Millou will make you discover these rich and varied materials and will make you feel all the emotions that you can experience while in contact with them. The fabrics chosen throughout her travels: the Bogolan, Kente and raffia will without a doubt transport you as well.


Bogolan, a fabric coming from the Earth

Bogolan is a Malian textile dyed following an ancient technique. It is a thick fabric in cotton. The symbols of the selected designs are the identity of a people, a village or an artist. It is a powerful object such as any art. It is impregnated with vital energy.

“Only by seeing and touching it, it brings back happy memories from my childhood : the men under the palaver tree talking and drinking Palm wine, women returning from the field with their children on the back and loaded with bundles of wood on their head, or even us, children, playing barefoot in the court…”


Tisserand de kenté

Kente, the sacred fabric

Kente is a multicolored cotton fabric coming from Ghana. Hand-woven using a traditional loom, the production of this fabric has not changed for thousands years. It takes a lot of time and patience. Community leaders were clothed with this sacred fabric during ceremonies since the 12th century.

“Kente gives me a lot of joy and cheerfulness. It is of great beauty and great finesse. It gives me the same feelings as for the bogolan. When someone important was welcomed in the village, women and men wore this stuff to honor him.”

Each color has a symbol:
– Black: maturity, spiritual energy
– Blue: peace, harmony, love
– Green: nature, harvest, growth
– Pink: woman, essence of life
– Purple: femininity
– Gold: royalty, health, preciousness



Raffia, a resistant fabric

Raffia is a kind of Palm tree found in swampy grounds and along rivers. The species is from Madagascar. It is the fiber coming from its leaves which is known as the raffia. Natural and very strong textile fiber, it is woven by hand and traditionally used to make ropes or upholstery fabrics. The raffia threads can be dyed before or after weaving.

As a fiber, the raffia is rigid and difficult to work. “When I touch the fiber, my mind travels and I find back the feelings, the scents and impressions of my childhood and of my native land.”


“These fabrics create a bridge between Africa, where I was born and where my family still lives and Europe where I grew up and built my life. This interbreeding represents a return to my roots. Just pick among my creations or let yourself be tempted by custom-made products “