The Brand

The word “métissage” (interbreeding) imposed itself. Of Ivorian origin, Rocheline Millou grew up in France. At the crossroads of two worlds, her life is made of half of one thing, half of another. Impregnated with two cultures, she always kept a great place to her origins while admiring the elegance of French culture.

Upon her arrival in Munich a few years ago, she met Cornelia Orsucci, a recognized stylist-designer in the world of haute couture. From this meeting, her project to enhance the colors and fabrics of Africa subtly associating them with European fabrics was born. Rocheline Millou discovered the universe of creation and learnt how to make cushions and exceptional accessories thus revealing part of the richness of the Ivorian crafts.

As she explained with irony: “Initially, the world of fashion was unknown to me, I didn’t even know how to thread a needle”. “Today, Métissage offers original and refined creations that elegantly combine fabrics full of history.”

Sumptuous, sober, sophisticated… the variation around the cushion is infinite and African fabrics are a source of inexhaustible inspiration. Coordinated to your curtains, chairs or luminaires, the cushion is essential in decoration. It will dress up your home with elegance and refinement.

Each Rocheline Millou’s creation is identified by an exclusive signature, guarantee of quality.